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queen sheba

Kebre Negast: The Glory of Kings

The Queen of Sheba — also known as Makeda — is at the core of Ethiopian history. Her encounter with Israel's King Solomon 3,000 years ago is legendary.

In a desire to quench her thirst for knowledge, this legendary Queen supposedly paid a visit to Israel's wise King Solomon in Jerusalem. Kebre Negast is a written document that gave the most detailed account of the Queen Makes meeting with King Solomon and the love story that evolved. That love story is depicted in a presentation at Heritage City- featuring music, colour, dance, beauty and the glamour of royalty.


journey to the stars

Dogon Ride- Journey to the Stars

This 4D ride takes visitors to world of the Dogon of ancient Mali Empire. The Dogon Tribe had an incredibly advanced and accurate knowledge of astronomy. The Dogon people knew about the Sirius Star system long before its existence was proven in 1970 when it was photographed for the first time by Western astronomers. The Dogon tribe knew about the existence of this invisible star for thousands of years. Where did the ancient Dogon astronomers get their knowledge of the Sirius Star system? The Dogon Ride at Heritage City is a revealing and exciting journey of discovery and adventure.

the rabbit

ZOMO The Rabbit

Enjoy thrills and adventures at Zomo's Palace- a unique attraction for children and the young at heart. You will see, hear and experience African folktales and stories as Zomo takes your imagination on exciting journeys.


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